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Teachers of/in English – this is for you!

Xoppi ja NILE (Norwich Institute for Language Education) tarjoavat:

opettajille suunnattuja onlinekursseja syys-marraskuussa 2021.

NILE Online – kahdeksan viikon kursseja eri asteiden englannin opettajille ja englanniksi opettaville. MELKEIN MYÖHÄSSÄ!!

”Each eight-week course is designed and run by a NILE expert tutor with an international reputation in the topic area, and has a maximum of 16 course participants. We employ a range of multimedia and bespoke activities to truly exploit the digital medium, with tailor-made tools developed by a team of teacher trainers and digital experts to recreate the interaction and engagement you would expect in a face-to-face teacher development course.

With about 5 hours’ study a week, you will learn skills and practices that can be applied to your professional life straight away. You will be able to choose when and where you study, as long as you stick to the unit deadlines. Occasionally courses will feature synchronous sessions such as live chats and webinars, and these will be at a time agreed by participants and your course tutor. You will also have access to the NILE Library Online and other digital resources.”

Miksikö Xoppi? Koska kaikki sinun asiasi selvitetään Suomessa – ja samaan hintaan kuin suoraan buukatessa! Patriotismia, arvoisat kollegat!